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Why Landfill is Bad for the Environment

When we throw rubbish into a bin, what happens next is out of sight and out of mind which is effectively allowing society to live in ignorance about how our day-to-day lifestyle is affecting the planet. Did you know that 14 million tonnes of waste are taken to landfill in the UK each year, and that the average person contributes about 400kg to that per annum? Although it may be convenient, there are many reasons why landfill is a terrible waste disposal solution. Read on as we explain everything you need to know…

Methane Gas

Throwing away your old socks may be as simple as putting them in the bin, but there are dozens of different materials that make their way to landfill and release toxic gases like methane into the atmosphere as they breakdown. From clothes to plastic, this greenhouse gas is 28 times more potent that carbon dioxide and is thought to be a major contributing factor to global warming.

Slow Decomposition

When items are taken to landfill, they aren’t categorised by material in order to allow for optimum decomposition. Instead, they are just stacked on top of one another in order to create a mountain of waste that can be seen for miles, and this tightly packed formation means that very little oxygen is able to circulate and allow perishables like food to decompose naturally. This slow decomposition coupled with the 500 years it takes to break-down just one plastic bottle means that landfill gases will only increase with each year that goes by.

Dangerous Chemicals

It’s vital that certain materials are disposed of by specialists in order to avoid dangerous chemicals and substances like mercury, lead, PVC and arsenic making their way to landfill. After all, these can potentially pollute our water-supplies, destroy the habitats of wildlife and even make landfill sites an even bigger fire hazard than they are already are.

Many people opt for landfill disposal because it is hassle-free and carried out by people who are employed by the government, which makes it an ideal option for the laziness lurking inside us all. With this said, it should always be reserved as a last resort! In order to prevent unnecessary landfill disposal, why not invest in the best skip hire Manchester has to offer? The PWM Skip Hire team are friendly experts who specialise in the eco-friendly disposal of a wide range of different materials. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!