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What you shouldn’t dispose of in a skip.

A lot of people believe that when you hire a skip you can put whatever you want in it, but this isn’t the case. There are a lot of items and waste that need to be professionally disposed of, so here’s a run through of those.


Items which can potentially cause harm to the environment, be damaging in any way or poisonous cannot be disposed of using a skip. An example of this are things like batteries, gas cylinders, chemicals, paint, glue or animal waste.

This is because these items contain different types of dangerous chemicals that the provider won’t have the ability or the license to handle and correctly dispose of. This form of waste and these materials can cause serious damage to the environment when not handled correctly as well as causing injury to people such as severe chemical burns.


You can’t dispose of anything electrical in a skip. Whether it’s a cable or the object itself, these are not allowed, and this includes lighting fixtures, electrical equipment, fridges, washing machines, laptops, phones or anything that is battery powered or provides or needs an electrical outlet.

This is due to the facts that again these items will contain hazardous chemicals. There are specific recycling centres that take electrical equipment that have the correct licenses and facilities to dispose of them safely. In addition to this, in some cases you can contact your local council and they may advise or collect them.


Similar to electrical equipment, there are specialised people and centres who can correctly recycle or dispose of a tyre. In addition to this some fitters will actually keep the dead tyre after they change it as they have a license to do so. This is because tyres cannot be disposed of in the same way as general waste.

If you are ever unsure of what you can dispose of in a skip, get in contact with us today. The PWM team will be happy to help you with anything you need as we are the best skip hire Manchester has.