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What is fly tipping

Fly tipping is an illegal act of dumping waste on land or in a place that doesn’t have a licence to accept waste. This is for both dumping liquids and solid waste. This is usually done so that people don’t have to pay disposal costs. Fly tipping can cause a local nuisance and makes an area look run down, messy and ugly.

What happens if your caught fly tipping

If you are caught fly tipping, depending on the severity there may be an environmental agency investigation. If a landowner reports fly tipping on their land, then there is a chance of an investigation. Investigations are based on how serious an offence is, potential costs and also the likelihood of prosecution. If you are caught fly tipping then you could face a fixed penalty notice, a fine or even imprisonment for up to five years.

What to do if someone fly tips in your skip

Any rubbish that is dumped in your skip is your responsibility in the eyes of the law. For this reason, you should be vigilant to make sure no one fly tips in your skip. If you suspect someone is fly tipping then then you can contact your local authority. Closed skips come with lockable lids, which are very effective when it comes to fly tip prevention. If you witness fly tipping then you should make a note of the time, place, name or a person description and then report it.


It was found that in in 2016/17 there was more than 1 million cases of fly tipping that were dealt with in England by the council. The cost to clear this up was £58 million. In 2018/19, England again dealt with 1 million fly tipping cases more specifically 1,072,000 which was an 8% increase on 2017/18 which had 998,000. This also meant that the number of fines increased by 6% (2,052) which means that the total value of fines increased to £1,090,000 which is an even bigger increase from 2017/18 which had a 29% increase where the fine value was £843,000

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