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How to Reduce Your Plastic Use

It is hard to miss the headlines concerning our ever-growing reliance on plastic. After all, experts have predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050 which only serves to emphasise the need to reduce our use of the material more than ever. Here at PWM Skip Hire, we fundamentally believe in environmentally friendly waste disposal and we aim to recycle as much waste from our skips as possible. Read on as we go over three ways that you can reduce your plastic useā€¦

Single Use

Also known as disposable plastic, these items are the biggest problem when it comes to plastic pollution as they are intended to be used just once and then thrown away. Single use plastic includes but is not limited to plastic cutlery, straws, disposable coffee cups and even food packaging. By swapping out these materials for sustainable and renewable alternatives like paper straws, metal cutlery and a reusable coffee flask, you can help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean and landfill.

Plastic Bags

Most people buy plastic bags when they do their grocery shopping, however, the quality of the material is incredibly poor and prone to tearing. As a result, the majority of people throw them in the bin straight after use which only adds to the landfill problem that we are facing. In 2015, the government introduced a compulsory 5p plastic bag charge for all stores with 250 or more employees in a bid to reduce plastic pollution. With this said, plastic pollution can be further prevented if shoppers take the time to invest in reusable bags that are stronger and more durable.

Water Bottles

Statistics show that over 50,000 water bottles are purchased every single year and that 80% of these end up in the landfill where they sit for centuries despite the existence of plastic recycling plants. In order to combat the convenience of bottled water, many businesses now offer a free water refill service, where the public simply walk into a store with a reusable water bottle and politely request it to be refilled with tap water. The aim of this scheme is to reduce our reliance on bottled water and therefore, reduce the amount of plastic bottles that are thrown away.

Here at PWM Skip Hire, we know how important it is to be wary of plastic use. After all, it is not a biodegradable material which means that it will stick around on our planet for 500 years after it has been thrown in the trash! Interestingly, most plastics are suitable for disposal in a skip where they will be transported to a suitable recycling facility. To find out more information, get in contact with the best skips Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the PWM Skip Hire team today!