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How to Reduce Skip Hire Costs

Hiring a skip is a great way to dispose of the debris left behind after a project. After all, it is hard to beat the convenience of throwing waste directly into a skip that is less than 50 yards away during big a job, such as a home renovation. With this said, many uninformed or first time skip hirers tend to incur extras fees due to simple yet avoidable mistakes. Read on as we go over a few top tips that can help you reduce your skip hire costs…

Book in Advance

Some skip companies will offer customers exclusive deals or discounts when they book ahead of time and that is why it always pays to be prepared when it comes to skip hire. In fact, hiring your skip in advance will ensure that your requirements are catered for properly. After all, the skip hire industry is increasing in popularity each year and this means that companies cannot guarantee a skip at an affordable price if you do not give them enough time to organise the fine details.

Skip Permits

Many people are unaware that hiring a skip comes with a few unusual responsibilities. For example, it is essential that the customer purchases something known as a ‘skip permit’ if they are going to be placing the skip on public land, such as the roadside. Luckily, staying in the loop and applying for a permit from the local council is relatively simple and will actually help people save money as those who are caught without a permit can be subjected to hefty fines.


Although they look extremely sturdy, it is important to note that every skip has a maximum weight limit that it is able to withstand and that it is important that clients do not go over this. After all, the hire company has to be able to load the skip onto their van in order to take it away. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to incur extra fees due to overloading as the hire company may have to force an investment in another skip in order to transfer some of the load to it.

Here at PWM Skip Hire, we want to help our clients with their projects and ensure that it is as stress-free as possible. After all, there is nothing more time consuming than repetitive trips to the local landfill in order to dispose of any waste. Plus, this solution isn’t exactly environmentally friendly! By planning ahead and ensuring that you stick to the rules, hiring a skip can be the best option for waste disposal. To find out more information, get in contact with the best skips Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the PWM Skip Hire team today!