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How to Prevent Fly Tipping

The way that we dispose of waste needs to be carefully controlled in order to ensure that it doesn’t have an impact on the environment and our health. After all, a lot of the materials that we are surrounded by, particularly electricals, contain harmful chemicals that need to be taken to a suitable recycling facility at the end of their lifespan. Unfortunately, many people choose to partake in fly tipping instead – the illegal dumping of waste or rubbish – which is both unsightly and dangerous. Read on as we explain how it can be prevented…

Prosecute Offenders Harshly

There are many reasons why fly tipping is so rampant in today’s society, however, many government officials believe that it is down to the lack of deterrence in the law. After all, many fly tippers manage to get away with it scot-free and those who are caught in the act are given a slap on the wrist or a small fine. In order to prevent fly tipping, it is important that we make it unappealing to carry out in the first place by prosecuting offenders harshly. This may make people think twice about illegally dumping materials.

Make Fly Tipping Hotspots Inaccessible

From alleyways to fields, there are a variety of different places that fly tipping takes place. Unfortunately, they are often unmonitored and lack sufficient lighting for suspicious activity to be spotted by the people who live nearby. Many fly tippers will actually do so during the night because they are less likely to be caught in the act. By making these areas inaccessible with gates and fences or by installing lighting and CCTV cameras, it is likely that fly tipping will reduce considerably.

Educate People

From clothing to electrical items, there are a lot of severe repercussions that can take place due to fly tipping. After all, a lot of these materials contain dangerous components like mercury that can damage the soil and make land infertile or get into water supplies and contaminate our drinking water. It is important that we educate people about these risks as it is likely that a lot of fly tippers simply do not know why it is so bad, aside from the aesthetical aspect.

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