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How to Dispose of a Television

When it comes to moving unwanted items out of your home, there is no method as effective as skip hire. After all, it is both convenient and cost-effective. With this said, there are certain items that should never be placed inside of a skip because they have to be disposed of in a particular way in order to avoid damaging the environment. Read on as we explain how you should take care of an unwanted television…

Working Televisions

Your TV doesn’t have to be falling apart for an investment in a new one to be made, however there are a variety of different ways that you can put your old unit to good use. For instance, you could sell it in order to make a bit of extra money or you could donate it to someone in need. Since televisions are an electrical item, those that are working should always be repurposed before they are treated as scrap.

Broken Televisions

On the other hand, a TV that is faulty or broken should be taken to an appropriate recycling facility where it can be disposed of an in eco-friendly manner. This is important because many residential homeowners make the mistake of placing their unwanted television inside a hire skip. Unfortunately, hire companies are not equipped with the means to recycle a television properly and this may inadvertently lead to them being placed into landfill. This is also why the skip collectors will often refuse to take a skip with unsuitable materials inside.

Dangerous Components

As an electrical item, a television is filled with a lot of components that can be dangerous if they’re taken to landfill and not disposed of in a safe manner. For instance, cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV’s have a lead problem and often contain materials like polyvinyl chloride and neurotoxic mercury. During the recycling process of televisions, magnets will remove ferrous (iron-containing) materials that can contaminate our soil and water supply as well as metals like steel which can be recycled and repurposed.

It is important that you are able to recognise which items are suitable for skip disposal in order to ensure that your hired skip will be taken away upon collection. For all your skip hire Manchester needs, get in contact with a member of the PWM Skip Hire team today!