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Why is Plasterboard Unsuitable for a Skip?

Here at PWM Skip Hire, we like to ensure that all of our clients understand the rules and regulations regarding our services, particularly when it comes to the types of materials that are deemed suitable for disposal. After all, hazardous waste like paints, solvents and asbestos cannot be recycled and should never find their way into a skip. Perhaps unsuspectingly, many of our clients aren’t aware that plasterboard is also deemed unsafe which is why we have decided to explain why…

Also known as drywall, plasterboard is a material that has been deemed unsuitable for skip disposal due to the materials that it is made up of. After all, these rules and regulations are in place in order to protect the environment, wildlife and human life. Plasterboard contains an inner material known as gypsum which is placed between two thinner layers of lining paper. Gypsum is known to contain a lot of sulfates which is why it needs to be disposed of at a specialist recycling facility.

The main danger comes from what happens when plasterboard is exposed to moisture as a process known as putrefaction occurs and this produces a dangerous gas known as hydrogen sulfide. Known for its rotten egg odour, this gas is also corrosive which makes it extremely dangerous when it isn’t handled and disposed of properly. Placing plasterboard into a skip allows hydrogen sulfide to build up in large pools that may pose a risk to human health. Although some skip companies will accept plasterboard, its disposal may come with strict rules like covering it at all times in order to avoid heavy rainfall coming into contact with the gypsum.

It can feel as though there are an abundance of materials that cannot be placed in a skip, however the permitted materials far outweigh those that are unpermitted. After all, we try to reduce the amount of materials that end up in landfill which is why dangerous and hazardous materials should always be disposed of by a specialist company. To enquire about our skip hire Manchester services, get in contact with a member of the PWM Skip Hire team today!