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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Skip

Here at PWM Skip Hire, we like to ensure that our clients understand everything there is to know about skip hire. After all, the process is simpler than people initially think and having all the information at your disposal can help you make a well-informed decision. Read on as we go through a few important things that should be taken into consideration before you hire a skip…

Type of Waste

The most important thing to take into consideration is the type of waste you wish to dispose of. After all, there are number of items that are not suitable for a skip and the last thing you want to do is fill up a large skip full of tyres only for the hire company to refuse to take it, which they are within their right to do so! Luckily, the PWM team have got you covered and items that are not suitable include, but are not limited to, electrical goods, plasterboard, batteries, gas cylinders, medical waste and of course, tyres!


The price of a skip differs depending on your location. For example, it is generally more expensive to hire a skip in the centre of London than it is in Manchester. As a result, we think that it is important to take your budget into consideration so that you can choose a hire company that is both affordable and reliable. Here at PWM Skip Hire, we have three different skip sizes that are perfect for different budgets, including a skip bag that can be used for small jobs that don’t require a metal skip.


Many people do not know that hiring a skip generally means that you have to get a permit unless you intend to keep it on your own private property. That is because a skip on the road side becomes your responsibility and getting a permit makes people more likely to ensure that the waste is not a danger to pedestrians or drivers. Luckily, a permit can be obtained from the local council; however, they can take up to two weeks to arrive which means that you should factor this into your project timeline as you are not allowed to hire your skip until you have your permit.

Whether you are renovating a bathroom or clearing out 20 years’ worth of clutter from a shed, it is important to have a safe, convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of the waste. After all, old baths and bikes can be difficult to take to the local recycling plant in a car. Luckily, that’s where the PWM Skip Hire team come in! In fact, we are committed to making every project as stress-free as we possibly can by dropping off your skip and collecting it after your lease in order to dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly way! To find out more information, get in contact with the best Skip Hire Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the PWM team today!