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The Lowdown on Skip Permits

There are a lot more rules associated with skip hire than most people tend to realise, however there is no reason why waste disposal should be a stressful endeavour. After all, the experts at PWM Skip Hire are here to help! Prior to the commencement of your hire period, it is important that you decide where the skip is going to be located as this is where our team will head on drop-off day and there are certain documents that need to be in place first. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about skip permits…

Who requires a skip permit?

A skip permit is effectively just permission from the local council to place your skip in a certain location. They are only necessary if you intend to place your skip on public property, such as a roadside, and aren’t required if you have a private land such as a driveway or garden. This is because placing a skip on a road is considered a hazard to motorists and the council need to approve the location to ensure that everybody stays safe.

How much is a skip permit?

The cost of a skip permit can differ from location to location as they are typically determined by your local council. With this said, certain areas tend to pay more than others as the average permit in London is around £68 whereas people in Manchester can get their hands on one for just £32. In order to find out your options when it comes to skip permit prices, get in contact with your area’s respective council prior to hiring your skip.

How long does a skip permit last?

The length of your permit can depend on the council again, however, most tend to cover a 7-14-day period. With this said, the process of obtaining the permit itself can be quite lengthy so it is important that you give yourself enough time to get the go-ahead before hiring your skip. If you fail to do so then the council reserve the right to take away the skip and its contents at any time, and you will probably be left with the costs of doing so.

Here at PWM Skip Hire, we are more than happy to take care of the nitty gritty details for our clients, including the process of obtaining a skip permit. After all, a skip is intended to provide a convenient and hassle-free method of waste disposal and dealing with your local council is never an easy task! For all your skip hire Manchester needs, get in contact with a member of the team today!