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How to Dispose of an Old Carpet

Here at PWM Skip Hire, we want our services to help as many people as possible and that is why we accept a wide range of non-toxic and recyclable materials. In fact, our team follow a strict responsible waste removal policy which is why we send as little waste as we possibly can to the landfill! A carpet is the most common household item that homeowners remove during a renovation and in the blog, we’ve decided to explain how it should it be disposed of. Read on to find out more…

How should a carpet be removed?

In order to dispose of a carpet, it is important that it is lifted from the floor properly. After all, it may seem a relatively simple task, but a lack of care can make a carpet unsuitable for reusing and recycling. With a utility knife, homeowners should remove the tack strips that hold a carpet in place at the corners and pull it with plyers away from the floor. If the carpet is relatively large, it may be a wise idea to cut it into smaller strips so that it can be easily rolled and duct-taped into place.

Why shouldn’t a carpet go to a landfill?

Since a carpet is made from complex, and sometimes man-made fibres, it is important that they are not placed in a landfill when and where possible. After all, it can take many years for them to break down and methane gas is often created during this process as a by-product due to the lack of circulating air that is available in such conditions, which can exacerbate global warming.

Are carpets suitable for skip disposal?

Whilst the regulations may differ from one company to another, most skip hire services will allow their clients to dispose of old carpets in a skip during a hire contract. After all, this ensures that they are taken to a specialist recycling facility where the materials can be separated effectively. In fact, a well-cared for carpet can even be sold and reinstalled for further use in another property.

Although carpets can be difficult to recycle, it is important that homeowners avoid sending them to a landfill. After all, the fibres take hundreds of years to biodegrade which is very damaging to our environment. Luckily, most carpets are suitable for skip disposal! To find out more information, get in contact with the best skip hire Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the PWM Skip Hire team today!