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Dangerous Items That Cannot Be Put in a Skip

From home renovations to commercial construction, it is safe to say that the skip is the most convenient solution on the market to dispose of unwanted materials without breaking the bank in the process. With this said, there are several rules regarding the materials that are permitted for disposal in a skip and it is important that clients abide by them. Read on as the team here at PWM Skip Hire go over three dangerous items that are not skip friendly…


As one of the most hazardous materials around, asbestos can cause cancer and other dangerous health related conditions if it is inhaled for too long. After all, these microscopic fibres cannot be seen by the naked eye which means that they have the ability to do a lot of damage to the lungs before being detected. As a result, materials that contain it can only be removed and disposed of by a licenced asbestos contractor who knows how to handle it safely.


Although some skip hire companies will accept plasterboard if it is the only material that is being disposed of during contract, most will refuse to deal with it because it can be particularly harmful. In fact, research conducted by the Environment Agency demonstrated that plasterboard gives off hydrogen sulphide gas which is why this material is considered unsuitable for disposal in a skip.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Since they contain mercury, it is important that fluorescent bulbs are disposed of in a regulated and safe format and this means that they are not permitted in a skip. After all, incorrectly disposing of mercury can lead to environmental pollution and water contamination that can affect wildlife in a variety of harmful ways.

Despite the strict rules regarding the disposal of dangerous materials like asbestos in a skip, it is also important that clients understand their versatility too. After all, there are many items that are considered skip friendly and the majority of them are also recyclable too which means that skip disposal can be done with the environment in mind. To find out more information, get in contact with the best skip hire Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the PWM team today!