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3 Reasons Why Skips are So Efficient

Although the skip industry as we know it today has been in operation for several decades, many people still choose to transport unwanted waste materials to a tip themselves, which is both time consuming and damaging for the environment. After all, items taken to a landfill without pre-sorting will end up being disposed of ineffectively. Read on as the team here at PWM Skip Hire go over three reasons why a skip is an efficient waste removal method…

How much waste can a skip hold?

A skip can be hired in a variety of different sizes which means that clients do not have to settle for a service that does not meet their waste disposal requirements. As a result, there is no need to worry about whether or not a waste disposal solution will be sufficient for the needs of a project, which can take valuable time away from the task at hand. Here at PWM, we provide three varying skip sizes: Mini, Midi and Maxi. 

Why are skips so convenient for homeowners?

Since a skip can be placed on both public and private land, with the potential purchase of a permit, they are an incredibly convenient method of waste disposal for ongoing projects. After all, the materials can be disposed of as and when required and then collected at the end of the hire agreement which means that the workers can focus on their project without worrying about how the waste materials will be dealt with. 

Are skips a safe way to remove unwanted debris?

Having a skip at one’s disposal means that the materials do not have to be placed to one side until a suitable day for removal comes along. After all, this creates a trip hazard which can put workers in danger and can also take up valuable space, causing people to have to relocate the materials multiple times. Plus, skips have very high sides which means that the materials are safely contained inside, reducing the risk of injury to workers. 

Although the labour to place the materials inside a skip does not come included in the price, they can be hired for a pre-scheduled amount of time which gives the client enough time to carry out their project to the highest standard possible. After all, most waste-disposal methods have strict time constraints, whereas a skip and the waste inside it is collected at the end of a hire contract with ease. To find out more information, get in contact with the best skip hire Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the PWM team today!