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3 Big Projects Suitable for a Maxi Skip

Here at PWM Skip Hire, we pride ourselves on our range of skips and the number of different projects that they can be used for. After all, every client and their needs are unique which means that a one-size fits all skip just isn’t a practical solution. Luckily, our maxi skips are perfect for big projects that generate an endless amount of waste and debris. Read on as we go over the top three…

Home Renovation

Renovating an entire property can be a time consuming and very expensive task which means that it is wise to invest in a reliable waste disposal method ahead of time. Luckily, a maxi skip is incredibly large in terms of length and depth which means that property owners can dispose of large pieces of unwanted furniture with ease and convenience. After all, the last thing a big project needs are repetitive journeys to and from a landfill site.

Construction Site

It is no secret that construction projects generate a lot of waste and that is why most builders tend to have an on-site skip to hand. With this said, many will underestimate the amount of debris and rubble that a construction project can create and usually hire a skip that is too small. A maxi skip offers workers peace of mind when it comes to waste disposal as it means that excess rubble does not become a safety hazard.

Garden Clear-Out

Whilst the average garden clear-out is a small-scale project, an overgrown property can require some serious TLC and attention to detail which means that a skip may be the perfect disposal method. In fact, they are suitable for a variety of garden waste materials and since organics like weeds tend to grow with a vengeance, a maxi skip is a great choice for projects with a large yard to tackle.

Whether you are finally tackling the overgrown shrubs in your garden or work for a construction company, a maxi skip is one of the most effective ways to dispose of unwanted waste and debris. After all, they can be placed on-site with a permit which means that they are convenient and safety conscious. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the PWM Skip Hire team and ask about our skip hire Manchester service today!